Global Catering - Frequently Asked Question:



1. Do you provide Halal Meals?

        ► Yes, both catering unit located in MNL and CRK are 100% Halal certified by Malaysian Halal Consultancy and Training Agency.


2. How far is the unit from the airport ramp?

        ► MNL catering unit is approximately 5 to 6 kilometers from the airport ramp, while CRK catering unit is approximately 1 kilometer from the current airport terminal.


3.Do you cater Cargo or VIP meals?

        ► Yes, Global Catering can provide catering service for VIP flight and cargo flights.


4. Can you cater special meals?

        ► Yes, we can provide meals for passenger with special dietary requirements.


5. How many hours should we send the catering request to your email?

        ► We require at least 48 hours notice before the delivery time to be able to check availability of materials based on the catering meal order.